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    Wireless Service for Verizon and Sprint

    We sell Sprint and Verizon. Need High Speed Mobile Internet, a Smartphone and a training from an expert how to setup your phone transfer your phone numbers receive your email, integrate your device with your computer. WE CAN HELP YOU!!!

    Moving business at blazing fast speeds provides small businesses across many industries an unmatched competitive edge.

    Benefits to Small Business-

    Provides high-speed experience beyond the everywhere else wireline home or office boundaries.

    High Speed Mobile Internet services can deliver speeds up to 10 times faster than any 3G mobile broadband network
    available today*, increasing the efficiency of your small business.

    Connectivity — Access to the Internet and connecting to internal documents is essential to the competitive advantage of any business

    Mobility — Today’s business professional cannot afford to wait, and mobility provides convenient access for employees

    Productivity — Instant access to company resources is critical to getting work done and increasing job satisfaction for employees

    Immediacy — Modern business processes demand access to information and resources in near real time, enhancing customer satisfaction.

    Capacity — Higher bandwidth allows for more robust use of applications on the job and away from the office.

    Business Applications-

    Universal Wi-Fi capability — Allows up to five or more simultaneous connections with any Wi-Fi enabled device within a wide range, enabling field teams to perform multiple functions.

    Maintain productivity of mobile workers at once.

    Easy to use — Compact, portable device requires no setup.

    Set up temporary work sites, enabling branch offices deployment at temporary locations.

    Video Conference with clients without the lag.

    Collaborate with remote employees on important projects.

    Upload / download mammoth sized files.

    Maintain security with real-time surveillance.

    Monitor patients remotely using live telemedicine.

    Mobile Broadband
    Mobile Broadband service from Verizon Wireless and Sprint lets you browse the Internet, download files and access email from your tablet, netbook or notebook.
    Our growing high-speed network covers more than 90% of the U.S. population – more than 280 million people in 264 major metropolitan areas and 268 primary airports in the U.S. – so you can stay connected even when you’re on the go.